Fife Consulting specializes in cultural policy, nonprofit strategy and leadership development.
We believe that the bedrock of democracy is in the boardroom of local organizations.
We believe that art and creativity is the best way to drive social change.
And we are committed to equity, liberation and joy.

about us

Andy Fife, Owner & principal

Andy Fife is a consultant, coach, speaker and writer in nonprofit strategy and cultural policy. He has been building programs and organizations from scratch for 25 years, and he has helped hundreds of organizations and leaders focus, advance and transform. Among his past experiences are leadership roles with City Arts Magazine, The Vera Project, FEEST, Washington State Arts Commission, Leadership Tomorrow, Shunpike, Storefronts Seattle, Seattle International Film Festival and Consolidated Works.

With an artistic background, an entrepreneurial nature and a catalogue of self-developed technical skills in leadership, management, finance and governance, Andy is committed to helping communities and groups to build equitable, relevant and lasting visions for their own practices or institutions.

Email :
Phone : 206.659.1352



Email :
Phone : 206.659.1352