Policy & Program Planning

Hand draw sketches over grey background. Idea concept

Fife Consulting helps build new initiatives from their stakeholders and their mission, ensuring buy-in, relevance and sustainability.  From brainstorming and partner engagement phase to rolling out a final product, we can help establish a strong and lasting new effort for an agency or organization.

Starting a new program or policy initiative is easy.  But doing it in a way that is going to be sustainable, strategic and relevant is not.  Many institutions completely avoid new initiative development, especially if it requires partnership across sectors, organizations or methodologies. Even worse, many groups undertake new projects just to fit the whims of funders or donors.

New initiative and program development requires a smart process that includes assessment, engagement, modeling, research, planning, piloting, implementation and evaluation.

“I enjoy the freedom of a blank page.”  — Irvine Welsh

Here is a sample of client projects that have included Project and Program Design services:
Make Anchorage, Seattle Waterfront, Capitol Hill Cultural Planning