Coaching & Training


Fife Consulting offers coaching sessions and training for small business owners, nonprofit managers and board members.  A training session can help reframe a team.  A package of coaching sessions can transform an individual’s leadership strategy.

Nonprofit and public leadership is difficult.  Leaders are expected to make hard choices with limited information; expected to know many various technical details of management and governance; expected to represent their organization, their issue and their community; expected to speak with confidence and expected to listen with grace.  Many are responsible for everything and actually in charge of nothing. For all the books and classes on leadership out there, the main thing one needs is a guide and a partner to serve as a sounding board and a task-master on the big priorities.

Here is a sample of client projects that have included Coaching & Training services:
Big Medium, Alaska State Council on the Arts, Teen Tix, FEEST, Austin Creative Alliance